Q: Who are the hosts of the Horror Headquarters podcast?

A: Klive Kraven and Naya banks co-host the Horror Headquarters podcast weekly.

Q: Where can I find all episodes of the podcast?

A: Currently, all episodes are up for free streaming on Youtube with more formats in the works.

Q: When do new episodes of the podcast come out?

A: Typically new episodes of the show will come out each Tuesday. Sometimes there is a day or two delay because of how much work goes into each episode.

Q: How can I advertise on the Horror Headquarters website?

A: You can advertise with us by clicking on the “Advertise” button at the bottom of the home page. Once there, you will see options for advertising.

Q: What topics and information is covered by Horror Headquarters?

A: We try to cover all major facets of the horror genre from film, TV, music, toys, games, events and more.