Horror Headquarters is a weekly horror podcast that was started on Halloween October 31, 2017. The show is hosted by Klive Kraven and co-hosted by Naya Banks. Each episode features a different topic, theme, series, franchise or trilogy that is discussed by the hosts. Additionally, interviews, reviews, discussions and previews are all a part of Horror Headquarters. The podcast was originally just a Facebook group. Over time and after building a buzz we decided to make a weekly show to coincide with the discussions of the page and to give a more media driven format of entertainment to all those who follow us.

We truly set out to create our own format to deliver not just news, but also include reviews, interviews, contests, giveaways, quizzes, polls, editorials and tons of other interactive content to our followers. We feel it is essential to give the user a unique experience to immerse themselves totally in all that is the glory of the horror genre.

If you have ended up on this site that means YOU are an avid fan of the genre and we appreciate your patronage and support of our website. We hope you take the time to sign up and enjoy ALL the benefits of our site. Have a look around and enjoy!