Slaughterhouse Rulez is a 2018 horror comedy film co-written & directed by Crispian Mills (A Fantastic Fear of Everything). It was co-written by Henry Fitzherbert (Born a King). It’s the first film produced by Simon Pegg (Man Up, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, & The World’s End) & Nick Frost’s (The World’s End, Mr. Sloane, & Cuban Fury) production company Stolen Picture. The last time the legendary duo did a collaboration was in 2013. The film was released internationally on Halloween 2018 in the United Kingdom & Ireland. It only had a small limited release in the United States in May 2019 & only grossed $4,665 at the box office. The budget was £5.2 million & it made £730,670 at the box office.

Welcome to Slaughterhouse, an elite boarding school where boys & girls are groomed for power and greatness They are finally about to meet their match. The group includes Don Wallace (played by: Finn Cole from Animal Kingdom, Peaky Blinders, & Dreamland), Clemsie Lawrence (played by: Hermione Corfield from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Rust Creek, & Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), Wootton (played by: Kit Connor from Rocketman, Ready Player One, & Rocket’s Island), Kay (played by: Isabella Laughland from Harry Potter franchise, Urban Hymn, & The Last of the Haussmans), & Willoughby Blake (played by: Asa Butterfield from Hugo, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ender’s Game, Time Freak, & The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) plus the psychopath bully Clegg (played by: Tom Rhys Harries from Jekyll & Hyde, Unforgotten, Crow, & Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire).

This ancient & ordered world is about to be shaken to its foundations “literally” when a controversial frack site on prized school woodland causes seismic tremors. A mysterious sinkhole & an unspeakable horror is unleashed. The school staff includes house master Meredith Houseman (played by: Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End, Paul, Star Trek franchise, & Mission Impossible franchise) who was just dumped by his girlfriend Audrey (played by: Margot Robbie from Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, Focus, Terminal, & I, Tonya) & the principal that’s known as The Bat (played by: Michael Sheen from the Underworld franchise, Masters of Sex, TRON: Legacy, Blood Diamond, Frost/Nixon, & Kingdom of Heaven) who tries to warn everyone about going into the woods. Woody (played by: Nick Frost from from Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End, Paul, Attack the Block, & Pirate Radio) is a camp leader with a grudge against the school but he picked the wrong time to try to get some revenge. Soon a new pecking order will be established as pupils, teachers, & the school matron become locked in a bloody battle for survival!!!!

Slaughterhouse Rulez on paper sounds like something horror fans have been begging for since the release of Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg & Nick Frost together again after all these years in a monster movie plus it’s Rated R? SIGN ME UP! It sounds too good to be true right? Unfortunately it was too good to be true & it didn’t deliver on what most would expect from a project like this. You would think those two would share so much screen time in this considering their cinematic history but that doesn’t really happen. Brilliant marketing for this feature, you see those two listed above plus it has a supporting cast of Margot Robbie & Michael Sheen added to the mix. Out of all those actors mentioned only Simon Pegg & Michael Sheen have decent roles here but they are far from being the leads for Slaughterhouse Rulez. They both were great in this especially Sheen. The other two are basically gloried cameos so be warned if you are expecting to see more than that. The true leads are the kids & that isn’t exactly a bad thing considering the young cast that was put together for the production. Finn Cole & Asa Butterfield really shine in Slaughterhouse Rulez. The script tries too hard for character development & nothing special happens until almost an hour into the film so you have to be very patient with this one. It’s more of a comedy until then. I will say the last thirty minutes is a blast & it’s the type of entertainment you would expect from seeing the trailer for Slaughterhouse Rulez. The creatures look cool, it has an old school vibe to them when it comes to the special fx. A decent amount of the kills are off screen so it’s not as gory as you would hope for this sub genre but it still has some nice moments. I know a good portion of this review isn’t exactly positive but it was solid for what it was. I guess my expectations were way too high for it but after it picks up it’s actually pretty fun & entertaining, RECOMMENDED!!!!

Let’s talk about the technical aspects of this DVD release. It has anamorphic widescreen (2.39:1) transfer. It looks better than expected especially for being a DVD. It’s a shame it didn’t get a high definition release in the states. It has a nice atmosphere & visually it shines when the chaos starts to happen at the end! The English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track sounds great. The dialogue very clean, when the horror actually kicks in it’s elevated, & the music has a nice boost on it. It also has a variety of audio options besides that main version which includes English Audio Description, French 5.1, & Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital on the release. It also has English, English SDH, French, & Spanish subtitles. It has no extras on the disc & it’s only available on DVD here. It was actually released on blu ray overseas. It’s available everywhere right now, CHECK IT OUT!!!!