An official “Child’s Play” Remake Website Gives Details on the “Buddi” Doll

As many of you may have seen over the past couple months, MGM and Orion are working on a new remake for the “Child’s Play” franchise. One of the most notable changes that has been seen thus far is the new doll that is being used in place of the traditional “Good Guy” doll. One of those changes is that he will no longer be called a “Good Guy” doll, instead he will now be called “Buddi”. However, that is not to be confused with his actual name, which is still going to be Chucky, thank god! Another change that comes with less excitement behind it is the fact that this will will not feature the voice of Chucky, Brad Dourif who voiced the miniature maniac in all previous installments of the film including the most recent addition in the franchise “Cult of Chucky”.

The website for the Buddi doll is The website details some of the upgrades that the Buddi doll will have that lacked in the classic “Good Guy” doll. One of them is a speech recognition software that allows the doll to recognize two languages (English and Spanish). Additionally, the doll features 20 cameras within it’s inner workings. This allows the Buddi dolls to be more well verses in their surrounding areas and environments. The film is set to release on June 21, 2019. Are you excited about this new remake? And what are your thoughts on the new look of the doll? Sound off below and let us know!