Another WolfCop is a 2017 horror comedy film written & directed by Lowell Dean (WolfCop & 13 Eerie). It’s a follow up to 2014’s WolfCop. Several cast & crew members returned for the sequel. It has cameos from Astron-6’s Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, & Adam Brooks. The theatrical poster is a homage to the 1986 Sylvester Stallone film Cobra. Alcoholic werewolf cop Lou Garou (played by: Leo Fafard from WolfCop, Moccasin Flats, & SuperGrid) is back & ready for some action! He has his sidekick Willie Higgins (played by: Jonathan Cherry from WolfCop, Goon, Final Destination 2, & House of the Dead) & his co-worker Sergeant Tina Walsh (played by: Amy Matysio from WolfCop, Just Friends, Sleepwalking, & Stranded) to help fight more crime. Garou might have met his match with Kat (played by: Serena Miller) when Higgins introduces them. Sydney Swallows (played by: Yannick Bisson from Murdoch Mysteries, The Adventures of Napkin Man!, Casino Jack, & Animal 2) is a eccentric businessman with evil intentions. He takes advantage of Woodhaven after developing a new Darkstar brewery & hockey team in their small struggling town. They all think he is going to make everything better for them but they are just pawns in his chess game. Mayor Bubba Rich (played by: Kevin Smith from Clerks 1/2, Dogma, Mallrats, & Chasing Amy) is bribed by the shady Swallows & he’s trying to push the dangerous Chickenmilk Stout to the locals. Can these heroes save Woodhaven from pure evil & corruption? Who’s really the monster in this deadly battle????

The original WolfCop took me by surprise when it first came out. I wasn’t expecting much from it & I was very impressed by it. Naturally, I got excited when they announced this sequel. This kinda reminds me of a higher class older Troma production. It just has that crazy independent vibe to it. I won’t spoil anything for you but Another WolfCop has all kinds of bizarre & insane moments that just add to the awesome entertainment! The music & score also helps out because it definitely sounds like something they would have used back in the day. The theme song is already stuck in my head as I am writing this review. If you were a fan of the original film then you are in for a real treat because this follow up pretty much doubles up everything that made you enjoy it! The special effects & gore are reminiscent of the 80s horror that most of us grew up on. It’s loaded with blood & death so it’s exactly what you would want in this type of feature. This one had more comedy in it but I think it helped it be more of a fun ride at the end. I might catch some heat for this but I actually thought this was the best film from this series so far & I really hope they make a 3rd feature with Woodhaven’s hairy superhero!!!! I had a blast with this so it’s HIGHLY recommended from HHQ.

Let’s talk about the high definition presentation from RLJE Films! This 1080p (1:78:1) transfer looks very good for being an independent feature. Thanks to the stylish approach of the production the colors & the practical effects are elevated in this. I really enjoyed the visual style for this horror sequel. It stands out from most of the others. It has a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track & the soundtrack really shines on it! It also features English SDH subtitles.

Let’s discuss the special features on this blu ray from RLJE Films! “The Making of Another WolfCop” is a little over 4 minutes. It has interviews with various cast & crew members. They joke about it having no plot & being the same as the original. “Friends & Foes: Meet the Cast” is almost 6 minutes. It has interviews with various cast & crew members. It talks about all the returning cast members. It goes into the new cast & characters added to the WolfCop universe. It brings up all the cameos in this. “The Monster Shop: Special FX” is almost 7 minutes. It has interviews with various cast & crew members especially Special Fx supervisor Emersen Ziffle. It shows behind the scenes footage & lots of inside looks into his work on the film. “Shoot or Die!: Surviving on Set” is a little over 7 minutes. It has interviews with lots of the samecast & crew members from the previous extras. They chat about the action, stunts, & weapon for the feature. Last but not least, Shooting Guns “Barn Burner” music video. This disc has a nice variety of supplements. Check it out this Tuesday, it’s available everywhere!!!!