The Mimic (aKa Jang-san-beom) is a 2017 horror film written & directed by Jung Huh (Hide and Seek). It’s inspired by the South Korean urban legend of the Jangsan Tiger. It was released in South Korean cinemas in August 2017. It earned a total of $7.3 million there & it had over a million admissions. It became the first South Korean horror film to have accrued more than a million viewers in four years. It got nominated for various awards including 1st The Seoul Awards, 54th Grand Bell Awards, & 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards. The film opens with a man in a panic driving with a women to an isolated spot. He accidentally hits a dog & he goes to put it in his trunk. It’s revealed that he has a women tied up back there. He seems to be losing his mind. After he gets rid of the lady he still hears her voice. That can’t be possible because she’s gone! This leaves the other two confused & scared for their life.

Some time after it goes to Hee-yeon (played by: Jung-ah Yum from Three… Extremes, A Tale of Two Sisters, H, & Secret Healer ) that’s moving away to take care Soon-ja (played by: Jin Heo from The Wailing) with her family Jun-hee (played by:  Bang Yoo-seol) & Min-ho (played by: Hyuk-kwon Park from You’re My Favorite, Six Flying Dragons , The Producers, & Punch). She thinks she sees her missing son Jun-suh in the city. He’s been gone for 5 years now & their family is still messed up over it. Local kids go to Mt. Jang cave & get spooked. The couple comes down to check out the commotion. Hee-yeon finds a little girl (played by: Rin-Ah Shin from Return, My Love Eun Dong, & Memoir of a Murderer) in the woods. They find the dead girl from before in the cave & the police are called to the scene. One of the officers investigates all the cases that took place at the same location. They all had a similar experience. They all heard the voices of their dead loved ones before they vanished! Ever since the mysterious girl was brought in to live with them the family is starting to experience some bizarre behavior. They are falling apart, what have they let inside her home? Sometimes it’s not what it seems to be….

The Mimic starts out as a family drama for a good portion of the film. It has glimpses of some messed up stuff but it doesn’t really kick in until the last 40 minutes of this feature. The script is very good & the character development is on point. You are invited into this family’s life & what they are going through at the moment. Everyone is kinda on the edge & this situation makes everything much worse. The cast features some of the best actors you can get from South Korea so that really enhances everything in this production. This is one of those types that you have to be patient for but I am telling you now it’s worth the wait!!!! The mystery kept you wanting more until it finally hits you. It was pretty creepy during the last half & the special effects were awesome in this. I am big fan of Asian cinema & I love the ghost sub genre so this is a good combination of both. Well Go continues to deliver top notch entertainment to the United States for these films.

Let’s talk about the high definition presentation & special features on the disc from Well Go USA! This 1080p (1.77:1) transfer pops out on the screen. The various locations in this really look great in HD! It features two different audio tracks on here which include Korean: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 & Korean: Dolby Digital 2.0 plus English subtitles. It sounds good on my home system but nothing mind blowing or anything like that but it works! The dialogue sounds perfect so what I mean by that is there’s no real crazy amped up moments in this. Let’s discuss the special features on this release. “The Making of” section is separated by two different featurettes. “Director’s Commentary” is almost 2 minutes. It’s a quick chat with director Jung Huh. He talks a little about the story & concept of the feature. is almost 3 minutes. It features interviews with actress Jung-ah Yum, director Jung Huh, actor Hyuk-kwon Park, & actress Rin-Ah Shin. They talk a little about the film & their characters. Each person on here seems to admire each other & their work. Both extras are in Korean with English subtitles. It features a Theatrical Trailer for The Mimic. Well Go USA provided some trailers for some of their other releases also. I really liked this, it had a nice build up & it ended with a bang! I highly recommend this release, it’s being released this Tuesday so check it out!!!!