PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees: The Making of the Final Friday

Few names are as synonymous with horror as Jason Voorhees. The character has become such a pop culture icon that he transcends the genre. Ask any person on the street to describe Jason and they will describe a large killer in a hockey mask haunting a summer camp. The ninth installment in the series, titled Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, is at once one of the most original and most controversial in the franchise. In 1993 director Adam Marcus’ feature debut came out and we learned the secret of Jason’s unstoppable killing spree.

Now, in time for the 25th anniversary, we are pleased to announce a documentary giving a never-before-seen in depth look at the most infamous Jason film of all time. Titled “The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees: The Making of the Final Friday”, the film will be directed by Nick Hunt (Safe Place) with Adam Marcus himself producing alongside his partners Debra Sullivan and Bryan Sexton with skeleton crew productions & indie horror producer Johnny Macabre (Don’t Fuck in the Woods, Crepitus) Through interviews and behind the scenes details, you will understand the unique landscape the series was in at the time, having just changed studios and already being on the road to the eventual Freddy vs. Jason film which wouldn’t see release for another 8 years.

You will see the unusual hand Adam Marcus was dealt & the immense pressure and scrutiny which was placed on him during production. And you will see genre greats, both who were in the film and not, weigh in on Jason’s journey to hell. In Jason Goes to Hell, you learned secrets about Jason you never knew before! In The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees, you will understand what was and what could have been about The Final Friday!