The Crow Reboot Coming in 2019 Starring Aquaman, Jason Momoa

2019 will see a reboot of The Crow franchise by Sony Pictures.

James O’Barr’s avant-garde grunge comic The Crow is set to be reborn on film in 2019. Sony Pictures is rebooting the classic Brandon Lee film from 1994. The new film will star Jason Momoa (Justice League), who’s solo Aquaman film is in post-production, and will be directed by Corin Hardy (The Nun) – Hardy won best Director at the 2015 Screamfest for his acclaimed film The Hallow. Musician turned screenwriter, Nick Cave, has been tapped to write the script.

Sony wants the new film to stay closer to the 1989 graphic novel, where young musician Eric Draven is ambushed, paralyzed, and forced to see the love of his life, Sarah, sexually assaulted and killed before later dying himself in the hospital. He is soon revived by a magical black crow and set on a path of vengeance. Whether this retelling will involve a more communicative titular black bird remains to be seen.
Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, died shortly before shooting wrapped on the 1994 cult classic film, when he was shot with an improperly loaded blank, shattering his spine. In the commentary track for Day of the Dead, FX master Tom Savini explained, from his industry sources, that the gunmaster from The Crow was let go, and the prop department took over the handling of all gun related effects, perhaps leading to the accidental ‘squib load’ that killed Lee.

The rebooted Crow film will share a busy weekend on October 11, 2019, as the animated The Addams Family and an adaptation of Nickelodeon’s Are you Afraid of the Dark? will also hit theaters that weekend.