Could “Evil Dead 4” Be A Real Possibility?

Ash vs. Evil Dead has just begun its run for season 3 and has been renewed by starz. However, the future of the show and season 4 is still up in the air. We here at HH would love to see a Evil Dead 4 come to fruition! Sadly, a lot of the sequels us fans dream up likely won’t happen. But after some of the comments from Bruce…well, they can make one raise an eyebrow for sure. Campbell has recently told Entertainment Weekly:

We won’t know [if we’ve been renewed] till the middle of March. We’re in the horrible television limbo right nowIf they take us off the air, we can think about another movie. And if they don’t, we can just keep plugging away.”

We can only speculate what direction “Evil Dead 4” would go. We have heard rumors of a 4th film for years and a ton of possible concepts, some stemming from the makers of the films themselves. Hopefully we can find out the success of the show soon to determine if this is something that will actually happen. Either way, one thing is for sure, we have not seen the last deadites yet. If you are excited to hear the possible news of a 4th film let us know in the comments below!