The Black Scorpion (1957) Gets a Blu-Ray Release in March

Warner Bros. Archive Collection is accepting pre-orders for the 1957 Giant Monster Movie The Black Scorpion. The Blu-Ray comes in original widescreen format on a disk that includes the same set of special features included on the 2014 DVD – only this time in a regular blue plastic Amaray case instead of the DVD’s unpopular printed snap case. Archive Collection Blu-Rays are all pressed as well, unlike the DVD versions which were sometimes burned.

The Black Scorpion starring Richard Denning (Creature from the Black Lagoon), Mara Corday (Tarantula!), Carlos Rivas (True Grit) and Mario Navarro (The Magnificent Seven), is the tale of a volcanic earthquake in central Mexico that unleashes the titular creatures – a set of giant bloodthirsty scorpions. Denning and Rivas are investigating the geologic activities when they come across the devastation caused by the monsters. They also come across the female rancher,  Corday, who has fallen from her horse and is in need of assistance. After saving her and meeting a very young boy, Navarro, they inadvertently drive the giant scorpions toward Mexico City. In a final fight at the city’s stadium, the heroes prevail and end the threat, also finding a way to duplicate their toxic poison to stop the creatures in the future.

The film features some honorable work from Academy Award Winning Willis H. O’Brien. When the film features his detailed stop motion work it’s fun to watch, but it’s mixed in with some awful cost-cutting black silhouttes and bad close up models. The Blu-Ray will, however, feature the same four special features from the DVD that detail some of O’Brien’s and Ray Harryhausen’s pioneering stop motion animation work.

Trivia: During the descent into the monster’s cave, The Black Scorpion uses the same stop animation spider model from the missing 1933 King Kong spider pit sequence.

The Blu-Ray ships March 20th and runs 88 minutes.