Neca Brings Out The Big Guns For “Toy Fair 2018”

Well, Neca has decided to DESTROY all competition in the action figure/collectible world this weekend as we seen them debut a huge assortment of upcoming figures for their 2018 line. I have to say, these are some of the best sculpts and even characters brought to life finally by the good folks at Neca. If you have been following along recently, the 2018 Toy Fair is among us.

This is the time for all major creators and distributors to showcase the amazing work they have been creating for the year. Many companies brought forth great designs but Neca has really outdone themselves. Herbert West from Re-Animator, Jason Voorhees from part 2 rocking the bag head, 2 versions of Pennywise (original and remake) from IT and Captain Blake from The Fog. All of these are VERY exciting announcements. I am sure we will see more developments from them down the pipeline for what is fully in store for 2018. You can bet your bottom dollar Horror Headquarters will be there to bring you the latest! In the mean time look at these beautiful pieces below!