Bad Apples Review (Uncork’D Entertainment)

Trick or Treat? Home Invasion? Evil Kids? It all started out on October 31st when a pregnant woman opens her door for trick-or-treaters for the Halloween tradition. Soon after a man sneaks into her place while she’s away & hides in the kitchen. As the woman returns she is repeatedly stabbed in the stomach by the intruder. He says to her “You had no right”! She quickly responds “they’re yours” to the man as he jabs the knife into her multiple times. As everything starts to pull away from the opening disaster as another man walks in saying “Honey, I’m home”. It flashes forward to present day, 15 years later on October 30th where you meet Mrs. Block (played by: Brea Grant from “Heroes”, Rob Zombie’s “Halloween 2”, “Dexter”, & “A Ghost Story”). She moved to this small town from Los Angeles. She’s checking out her new school where she starts on Monday with Principal Dale (played by: Richard Riehle from “Hatchet”, “Casino”, “Ferris Bueller (TV Series)”, “Office Space”, & “Grounded for Life”).

A religious man warns her that this new smaller town isn’t that different from teaching in California. Next day which happens to be Halloween, still unpacked with boxes everywhere in their new house Mrs. Block tries to convince her husband (played by: Graham Skipper from “Almost Human”, “Tales of Halloween”, & “Beyond the Gates”) to help her organize all their stuff. After some bickering he tells her she can do it while he goes in town to get some stuff from the market & for Halloween. Soon after, nosy Miss Decker (played by: Diane Goldner from “Feast 1 & 3”, “Pulse 2 & 3”, Rob Zombie’s “Halloween 2”, “The Collector”, & “Hatchet 3”) welcomes Mrs. Block to the neighborhood & warns her about the bad apple Samuel who is a registered sex offender. Principal Dale starts yelling at two girls both in masks in his office.

They have been misbehaving in class & refuse to take off their masks during school. The girls decide to punish their principle for not celebrating Halloween, They bash his head in & put the American flag through his body. Samuel stands outside the Block’s yard creeping them out until the husband confronts him & tells him to get away from their home. The two evil girls are seen in their trailer park getting ready for Halloween night. Mr. Block FINALLY gets to carve his pumpkin that he was obsessing over earlier while talking to his wife. A woman in the trailer park who is trying to avoid the holiday gets her place egged then her home gets invaded by the demented duo. She’s tortured & beat repeatedly by a garden gnome. They finish her off by shooting her with a loaded weapon. Later on, Samuel gets a knock at his door & hears “trick or treat” where he responds with “I can’t legally celebrate Halloween anymore”. Someone keeps playing games & teasing the local creep. After looking around, he notices his place is on fire as he approaches one of the girls he is stabbed in the back with a hook as the other mysteriously appears. She joins her sister for some fun & starts stabbing him also. They are looking to make anyone pay who doesn’t celebrate Halloween.

They notice Miss Decker turned out her lights early so they pay her a visit. In one of the most unique kills in recent years, they choke the woman with her own dead cats!!!! Mrs. Block is still unpacking, watching a movie, & talking to her mother on the phone when she hears repeated loud knocks to her door. Voices keep on saying “Trick or Treat”. She is rude to the unknown visitors screaming go away. Stressed out, tired, & scared considering what day it is she starts to get paranoid. She hears her house alarm go off & discovers her cell phone destroyed. She gets stabbed in the back by the mysterious strangers in her house. She is able to escape to her room where she quickly locks the doors. Due to hitting life alert Samuel is brought to the hospital in critical condition about to die. Mr. Block checks his phone & hears a scared voicemail from his wife.

Both of these events cause him to rush home to find out what’s going on. In a dangerous game of cat & mouse the psychopathic twins tease their prey while chopping down the bedroom door with an axe. She finds a way to escape for now. Mr. Block arrives at the wrong place at the wrong time. Mrs. Block comes in to find her husband carved up like a Jack ‘O’ Lantern (guts hanging out with a candle inside). This causes her to fall into a fit of madness which leads to the final confrontation with the two spawns of Satan with nothing but revenge on her mind! Is this nightmare over or has it just started?You will have to find out for yourself….

Director Bryan Coyne delivers a GOOD mix of the evil kids & home invasion genres in this Halloween tradition film. I can see this one get added to your yearly watch list for the Holiday & October watch lists. Especially recommended for fans of The Strangers & the Purge movies. Creepy twins in masks killing people off in various gruesome ways on Halloween, that alone sells me on it. How about you? Cinematography by “Hatchet 1 – 3”, “Spiral”, “Frozen”, “Chillerama”, “Holliston”, & “Horrified”‘s Will Barratt. Bad Apples is available on Video on Demand from Uncork’d Entertainment & Coin-Op Flix. Double the terror on Halloween! They’re Rotten to the Core, don’t miss out on this release!