Chucky’s Getting a TV Show!!

I don’t know how excited you are but I’m shaking! I am a HUGE fan of ‘Child’s Play’, (if you’ve been paying attention to the show, you would know) and to hear that a TV series is coming, you would believe how happy I am for this.

Don Mancini and David Kirschner is developing this very show. As you know, Tom Holland celebrated ‘Child’s Play’ 30th anniversary, so he is VERY interested. According to Kirschner, they will be using ‘Child’s Play’ in the title. They also plan to take this story deeper and deeper into the dark side. Apparently, it’s supposed to be super creepy. And guess what…. BRAD DOURIF WILL BE VOICING CHUCKY!!! He said that he could never disconnect from his 30 year relationship.

There are no further details but I will be sure to let you know for I will be on this story like a hawk!! I hope you’re ready because I sure am!