“Voorhees” Fan Film Updates and Kickstarter

Indy film maker Cody Faulk will be directing this fan film based off the legendary horror icon Jason Voorhees from the “Friday The 13th” film franchise. This looks to be a promising and fun new take on a fan favorite of the genre. I personally have always been a F13 guy and am looking forward to this release. Upon researching the film I uncovered that the effects in the movie are 100% practical. This is a big sigh of relief to those who may think a F13 film gets butchered with CGI. Thankfully, that is not the case here. If you are a fan of the Savini, Baker, Nicotero, etc. classic visual effect style of the the 1980’s, then this film looks to deliver in that area for certain.

Will this be a darker version of Jason Voorhees? Perhaps even a more visceral take on the iconic character? Who knows, time will tell. However, in the mean time us hardcore F13 fans are clamoring for more. With the potential to deliver something truly unique, I think we can all look forward to a solid release and fun new acquisition to the world of Friday The 13th.

The official film synopsis goes like this:

“Voorhees” takes place at and around the old grounds of Camp Crystal Lake. The individuals who we follow are not summer campers. Far from it They have found their way to this place in the woods for a much darker purpose seeking temporary sanctuary from the world. Unaware of the location’s notorious past, They decide to examine the abandoned camp. They are about to get an education in true terror and learn the name of the most infamous killer in cinema history.”

What are your thoughts on this trailer? Let us know below!

Click HERE if you want to donate to the Kickstarter for the film!