Release Date and Trailer For “The First Purge” Have Surfaced

Rapidly approaching a release set for July 4th, 2018, “The First Purge” is expected to smash into theaters and delve into the origins of “The Purge” event itself, why it was created and it’s ultimate purpose. For those that follow the franchise will notice that over the series it has progressively gotten more political. With this one being released on July 4th, they are without a doubt making use of those marketing tools. A ploy that frankly, I think is genius. Starring Marisa Tomei, Luna Lauren Velez, Melonie Diaz and Mo McRae. The film is being directed by Gerard McMurray and will be released through Universal Pictures.

The iconic trump red hat is utilized in this controversial film poster that is certain to stir up some chatter, another brilliant marketing move by the team behind this film. If you have followed this franchise than it is likely going to be the same type of brutality laden modern horror I personally enjoy. If you are looking forward to this one let us know below! We would love to know your thoughts on this politically charged horror thriller that is sure to deliver some unexpected turns this coming summer!

Check out the trailer for the film below!