Monster-Mania 39 Offering Once in a Lifetime Photo Op

For those that have been following the upcoming Monster-Mania 39  horror convention that will coming this March (March 9-11, 2018). Will be likely in the know already of this momentous occasion. However, if you have not been keeping tabs, there will be a extremely rare photo op taking place at the con. This photo op will be for 6 fully costumed Jason Voorhees actors TOGETHER for a group photo. This is a HUGE deal, most of these guys do not do cons on the regular. Therefore, for hardcore fans this is a must have!! The 6 Jason’s that will be in attendance are: Ted White, Kane Hodder, C.J. Graham, Tom Morga, Ken Kirzinger and Steve Dash. The ONLY downfall to this photo op is the price tag attached to it.

Those who are HARDCORE F13 fans may be able to overlook the price but at $355 for a photo, this is a HEFTY one. I will be at the con in attendance and think that this is a GREAT and fun opportunity for anyone who may be interested but that price tag is simply a little too rich for my blood. I will say, this will likely NEVER happen again though. If you can afford the price, take advantage and get this once in a lifetime photo taken!! I am grateful that I will even be able to witness this myself and perhaps snag a shot if I am lucky enough.

If you wish to purchase tickets for this photo op you can do so here: CLICK HERE