Insidious / Sinister Potential Crossover Film

So there has been much talk in the land of filmmaking about a possible crossover or spinoff movie combining two of the more recent and successful franchises. Jason Blum (of Blumhouse Productions) himself said he is on board and they are hard at work trying to figure out how to make this happen. This is not really too far fetched to see happening, let’s just hope they don’t ruin the script or direction.

Let’s break down a few things. I personally love both franchises, but prefer Sinister as the superior of the two. I have yet to see Insidious The Last Key but with the option to do more sequels and prequels, there is always a way. In Sinister, the iconic boogeyman “Mr Boogey” as he’s commonly referred to (real name Baghuul” is an ancient deity who preys on children and is known as and revealed through old text as the eater of children. He is a demonic presence and seemingly unstoppable.

In Insidious – Elise Rainer is a spiritual medium of sorts who can contact spirits and even interact with them physically through astral projection. She is able to send herself into a dark alternate realm known as “The Further” to confront entities or demons themselves to save those in need, be it herself or helpless victims being “haunted” and tormented. She is the best at what she does, and seemingly the best (and maybe only) one in her field who possesses these powers..

How exactly would a cross over work? I wish I could write the script myself because the possibilities are endless. The most common thought would be that Elise somehow stumbles onto Baghuul while venturing into The Further and realizes he is after one of her clients children, or even a loved ones little offspring. That would be the most common and obvious, let’s just hope the script writers are a little more creative, hopefully give Baghuul more of a backstory and if it comes to fruition land a good director with amazing vision. If this crossover ever happens, let’s just hope it’s rated R, has mostly practical effects limiting CGI and doesn’t skimp on key scenarios that would infact benefit from an R rating. Luckily with the success of Deadpool, Logan, and most importantly “IT” they realize they can easily make a boatload of money, while appeasing die hard horror fans without toning down violence and malevolent activity to cater to a younger audience for the sake of making as much money as possible. As more details emerge and develop, we will be here to give you the latest updates! Stay tuned!