6 Great Women in the Horror Genre

**This is a just a small list of the 6 female actresses I feel the need to talk about for Women in Horror Month (WiHM). I haven’t gone in detail with this, these are mainly reasons why I like these specific actresses. The movies listed are also the movies I think they had the best role in… again, not in much detail. Please leave negative comments in your head.**


Jennifer Lawrence – Mother!
Known as the highest-paid actress in the world, she is also one of the most successful (I don’t see why she wouldn’t deserve this title). Jennifer Lawrence’s role in this movie almost had me in tears. It’s a role I would’ve never imagined her playing considering I’ve only seen her in an ‘X-Men’ movie. Although, I’ve seen her in other serious roles, like The Hunger Games, I think that this is her most serious role yet. As I watched ‘Mother!’, I put myself in that situation. Granted, I didn’t fully understand the concept of this film until it got closer to the end. But once it clicked (and after doing some research), I finally got it! I went back, followed along and was able to easily connect the stories to the stories in the bible as anyone else would have. I can say that I absolutely loved what they did with this concept and I love the strong emotions Jennifer Lawrence was able put off to the audience.


Jennifer Carpenter – The Exorcism of Emily Rose
This is one of my favorite Exorcism movies. This is also the very first horror movie I’ve seen Carpenter star in. Before my horror binges, the only movie I’ve seen her in was ‘White Chicks’. So, seeing her go from a hilarious comedy to a super serious horror was definitely a game-changer in my eyes. I just recently checked out ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99’ as well, where she starred as Lauren Thomas, the wife of Bradley Thomas (played by Vince Vaughn), who ends up getting kidnapped and threatened with plans to murder her unborn child without her consent if Bradley didn’t follow through with demands from the man holding her hostage. If I can be completely honest with you, I think anything she stars in is phenomenal.


Felissa Rose – Sleepaway Camp
We all know her as Angela Baker in ‘Sleepaway Camp’ and we all remember how she ends the movie with her creepy, cringe-worthy, opened mouth pose. She is also in 2017’s ‘Victor Crowley’ and has a role in ‘Tales of Halloween’ and many many more. Her role as Angela honestly scared me. But only in the way someone who constantly stares at you and you can feel it on the back of your neck. I guess you can say she creeped me out more so than scared me. But I still think she’s amazing. Definitely creepy… but in an amazing way.


Adrienne Barbeau – Various Films
I’ve seen her star in John Carpenter’s ‘The Fog’, she had also played a part as a radio show host in ‘Tales of Halloween’, a drunken, angry lady in ‘Creepshow’, and lots more. Don’t hate me, bu she kind of reminds me of Sigourney Weaver… only because she 80% looks like her. I love her because she has a voice that wanna you hear on a smooth Jazz radio show. A voice that needs to be on your daily meditation CD. On top of being a great horror celebrity, I’ve seen/heard her in productions outside of all things horror. For example, she has done voice work for Seth MacFarlene’s ‘American Dad’, and she’s starred in CBS’s ‘Criminal Minds’. In my opinion, she belongs in every single movie genre out there. I feel like she would nail anything she starred in.


Sigourney Weaver – Ghostbusters
Yeah, I know. You all don’t consider ‘Ghostbusters’ to be a horror movie. But it’s technically a comedy horror, so get over it. I love her in these films. But I also love her roles in the “Alien” franchise, where she stars as Ellen Ripley, she also does a voice cameo in ‘Finding Dory’ (which I recognized right away), and she was in ‘Paul’ and ‘WALL-E’. I often compare her to Adrienne Barbeau because they look so much alike. I would also get them confused multiple times after seeing ‘The Fog’ and ‘Alien’. Either way, they are both amazing actresses. I hope they can take the confusion as a compliment.


Olivia Wilde – The Lazarus Effect
This is another actress I would often get confused with another actress. I often confuse Olivia Wilde with Emma Stone. People usually tell me that I’m insane for thinking so but I also seen ‘Zombieland’ and ‘The Lazarus Effect’ close around the same time. Wilde’s role in ‘The Lazarus Effect’ had chills going up my spine. Not only because of her role, but because of the concept of bringing someone back from the dead. In my greatest opinion, I think this is the best role she’s played. Now, I may be speaking off the fact of this being the only horror movie I’ve ever seen her in. But still, I think it’s awesome.



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