Scream Factory brings us “It’s Alive” in a brand new blu ray boxset

If you are a fan of the killer baby franchise that is “It’s Alive” you will rejoice in finding out that one of the top film distributors (Scream Factory) has gotten their hands on it.  This means we will be see a beautifully remastered version in blu ray format alongside a boat load of special features as well.  A comprehensive list of features is in the works and we will bring that information to you soon as it goes public. As for the artwork the slipcover and reverse “New age” artwork has been release and she is a BEAUTY!! Handled by the ever so talented Joel Robinson this simplistic approach is clean and elegant all in one wrapper.

As for the release of these boxset you can expect it to hit websites and shelves May 15, 2018. However, if you can not wait you can place your pre-order right now if you CLICK HERE