“Friday The 13th: The Game” FINALLY gets part 5 Jason/Roy and New Map

Coming this week (January 30th, 2018), gamers will be blessed with a NEW map from F13 part 5 AND a playable Jason/Roy from F13 part 5 as well. This will be a free download/update for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This new playable character includes: Gardening shears and 3 brand new weapon kills to boot. As for the map you will be getting the Pinehurst Youth Development Center. How many of you are ready to dive back into this horrific scene once again with these kick ass new updates?

On top of this, there is also word that there have once again re-balanced Jason and made him EVEN MORE TERRIFYING!! This will come as a relief to those who have recently complained about the difficulties of playing with Jason in a weak format. Hopefully these balances change the dynamics for the good and bring the scariness/survival back to the game.

Check the trailer: