“MonsterVision” Could be Making A Comeback

This is a tidbit of news that I am THRILLED to be delivering. If you grew up in the early 90’s, then you were lucky enough to be graced with the greatness that is “MonsterVision”. This show was so KICK ASS, the legendary Joe Bob Briggs hosted and gave us his drive in totals for each film along with hilarious commentary, insight and discussion alike as we paced through classic horror films and spent our night with the host and his mail girl Rusty who would present mailed in letters to us (typically from death row inmates). WOW times were a lot better back then. Fast forward to 2018 and discussions on MonsterVision being brought back to life are surfacing!

Now, I personally would love to see good ol’ Joe Bob come back. However, we all know that typically when things are revamped or rebooted the original participants are rarely involved. One can only speculate at this point, but I am willing to bet the interest in this will grow if Joe Bob does indeed come on board. In my opinion he is what truly made MonsterVision a GREAT TV show. I must say, I was turned on to a lot of low budget classic’s because of this show. I for one am counting down the days until it becomes a reality. Hopefully more details on this rumor will come to light but for now we have the glimmering hope for a rebirth of something we cherished and enjoyed in our childhood.