Hulu & Blumhouse Join Forces To Bring You A New Monthly Anthology

Variety reports that Hulu and Blumhouse Productions are joining forces for an untitled horror anthology series with a very unique approach.

This new series will be delivering 12 self-contained stories – one new episode every month over a year’s time period. The 12 episodes are expected tell standalone stories, though there will be some kind of narrative device connecting them all. At the moment, no writers or directors are on board, but the plan for the first episode to premiere in October 2018.  

Since Hulu is typically known for putting out new episodes every week, we can only imagine how the Hulu audience feels about this whole monthly format. But realistically, this format is to prevent binge-watching. This format will also provide Hulu with original content for all Hulu viewers year-round. It is intended to assist Hulu with tap into its horror audience as well.

Blumhouse will handle all international distribution for the series, in which the company also owns.