“Friday The 13th Part 3” Documentary Updates

One of my FAVORITE F13 films in the franchise is definitely part 3. Richard Brooker was menacing as he came barreling out the front door of the house toward the lake. The birth of JASON VOORHEES as we all know. The walking embodiment of terror, the masked monster. This was the film that delivered that moment to us. When Jason puts on the hockey mask for the very first time. He leaves behind the burlap sack in favor of something that became much more pivotal and terrifying in the series. The hockey mask is as much of Jason as his mask and legend. However, I digress, if you are a true fan of the franchise you already know this one is a classic. So, it is with great pride that I deliver the details for the upcoming documentary detailing this installment for the F13 franchise.

Directed by: Kevin R. Phipps

Hosted by: Paul Kratka

Appearances by: Tracie Savage, Larry Zerner, Adrienne King, Paul Kratka, Caroline Williams, David Katims, Eileen Dietz, Harry Manfredini, Dick Wieand, CJ Graham, Craig W Chenery and more…

You can watch the FULL documentary below: